Q. the card is illegible
A. the card has probably been de-magnetized. We suggest keeping cards away from magnetic fields (cell phones)

Q. The display indicates that I still have 5cents on the card but I cannot withdraw water.
A. Some machines retain the card when the credit has finished, others no (listed). These machines, instead, continue to indicate the cost of 1lt of water when the supply button is pressed.

Q. What type of water filter is installed in Blupura water fountains?
A. Our water fountains use an active carbon micro filtration. This retains all particles greater than 0.5 microns, heavy metals, pesticides and chlorine, but does not affect the organoleptic properties of the water.

Q. What are the mineral/chemical properties of the water dispensed from the fountain?
A. This changes from zone to zone according to the mains water supply you are connected to. You can get a precise breakdown by visiting the site of the public mains water supply of your area.

Q. I have 25 cents left on my card but cannot withdraw water.
A. You probably have 2.5cents (0.025) and not 25cents (0.25). Try withdrawing just half litre of water.